Year 60 specializes in consulting for various clients, with regards to the following:

I know what your thinking: “Consulting too?” Yes! Why, because its more than just “snapping pics” There is intention, in all that comes with the creative process. You don’t want the boring gory details, but lets just say I am a lot more than “just” a photographer. If you are into the details, and wonder about how I can help your organization/product/service from the subsequent below. Let’s talk.

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Content Development

Creating content for brochures, websites, and other forms of collateral in digital and real world spaces


Creative Direction

Developing imagery, content, and copy for projects in relation to experiences, campaigns and products



Revising photos on digital platforms for optimum engagement


Advertising/Product, Event/Experience, Portraiture, Fine Art and Commissions


Marketing Strategy

Ideation and creation of marketing for a brand, organization, individual, from Start-up to seasoned entity