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Year 60 is a boutique photography firm based in Chicago Illinois and Miami Florida with clients in Chicago, Miami, Houston & Los Angeles. Year 60 concentrates on selective clients to deliver curated imagery for individuals, organizations, corporations and brands that align with their personal objectives and/or professional missions and visions respectively.


To deliver curated imagery of a person, brand, message, vision or organization through photographic concepts at superior quality for the development of people, products, and experiences as needed by our clients.

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Download Bio – L. David Stewart

Dr. L. David Stewart is a fine art photographer, image curator, and photo documentarian. Following a distinguished career in architecture, David refocused on photography. Trained on 35mm, he began photographing the urban environment in his hometown of Chicago. In 2002, he took a photography class at University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) under the tutelage of Doug Larsen, where he learned the basics of 35mm photography & developing film and from there he has evolved into the photographer that he is today.

His focus, through his various Pentax camera, is to capture the subtle parts of everyday life, landscapes, and events that they occur in and reveal the art we overlook daily. David’s work has been exhibited at Harrington College of Design, The University of Illinois-Chicago, ArtWeek in Miami, and David was a Finalist in the International House of Photography Competition. L. David exhibited is work in 2015, entitled “Here We Are” a multi-media exhibition on Black male educators. Other places that L. David Stewart has exhibited in 2015 includes “Connect the Dots” and “The Art of Blackness” Inspired by his first exhibitions, L. David Stewart created YEAR 60, (FOLIO PAGE) in 2015 which is his photography practice, and separated that from his former design practice, Design AnalySynth.

Starting in 2016 through 2020, L. David established his presence in the Miami startup/entrepreneurial scene by capturing the growing business culture of South Florida. David has become renowned for his usage of color and composition and his work has included internationally renowned models, start-up businesses, advertising for brands and fine art ventures. His client list includes, Venture Café, Guitars Over Guns, Miami Foundation, Bayside Marketplace, MUCE (My Urban Contemporary Experience), Betsy Hotel, and Dade Heritage Trust, Ten35 Marketing, University of Chicago (Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering), OSME perfumery and many more

2019-2022 was an era of advancement for L. David and his growth as a photographer with him opening Year 60 Studios in Chicago, IL. Subsequently with a laboratory of his own, he honed his image curation skills and coined such terms as portoir (portrait & boudoir) and his client list work as been shown in such publications as Crains Chicago and U of Chicago website. Through the pandemic Dr. Stewart has diversified his work to include political work as he developed the imagery for Shay-Stewart Bouley’s campaign for Commissioner in Portland Maine. Most recently, he has worked in Los Angles working with an ambassador for the American Cancer Association, with his now renown stylized photographic style that stands out along with impeccable customer service.

For 2024, L. David has a growing roster of clients from Chicago to LA, to Miami and Houston, and looking to make his mark with his distinct style to photography that impacts people, as well as brands and organization with an artistic eye, but marketing vision, creating more than photos, but true imagery.

Dr. L. David Stewart, ASMP, PPA

Photographer + Consultant